Monday, October 31, 2011

Bib Numbers & Race Day Tracking for Ford Ironman Florida 2011

Ironman Florida race day is almost here!  On Saturday, November 5th, the cannon will BLAST at 7:00am EST.  Whether you are on the ground cheering or resting on your couch, you can join us in the grand finale of our epic journey!

Thanks to modern technology, you have the ability to track our individual split times, watch live race coverage and see us cross the finish line here.
For splits click – athlete tracker and enter our bib number
Our bib numbers are:
Rebecca Handley             131
Margaret Meyer              179
John Smith                       2151
David M. Wilson              988
Thanks for joining us on the road to Ford Ironman Florida 2011!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


5 weeks from TODAY, Becca, David and myself will embark on a 10-14 hour journey (depending on performance:)) for which we have been training the past 8 months.  As the race date gets closer, I struggle with what type of race goal to throw down.
-Do I just try to have fun?
-Do I follow a heart rate plan and worry less about finish time?
-Do I try to hammer out a 12-13 hour Ironman and set my self up for a major victory or heartbreak?

The verdict is out - but below are some super interesting statics regarding last year's Florida Ironman that I wanted to share.

Main Take-Aways:1 - You do NOT want to be in the upper right hand corner.  That makes for a PAINFUL run.
2 - A slow bike split may lead to a faster run split, but an overall slower race time.  Pick your poison.