Saturday, April 30, 2011

75 mile Ride for Autism

We heard about this ride from several people in Just Tri , one of our training groups, it seemed like a unique opportunity to contribute to a good cause and get in an evil work out at the same time. So we registered, crossed our fingers, and hoped the stories of the hills were just that, stories. . .
This was our first experience, as a team, with hills and the stories were true - we experienced the full range of our gearsets. Yes I said it – hills! For those of you who doubt the existence of hills in Ohio, I invite you to embark upon a short trip southeast of our lovely Columbus and you will soon find yourself surrounded by the Hocking hills. If you are lucky you may even experience the legendary Starner hill.

We sweated, we groaned, we cried, and we smiled - it was a good day. And you, you can have a coke.

Lessons Learned:
1. Always pack extra nutrition (even if it is a supported ride)
2. Gears, gears, gears
3. Chamois cream – nuff said

Here is a link to our ride data:

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