Sunday, May 29, 2011

What is better than an IPOD?? A waterproof IPOD!

Have you ever wished you could listen to your favorite tunes while churning out the laps of a 3200 meter swim?  Have you ever found yourself blissfully gliding through a balmy summer run only to be forced to finish the last few miles with the echoing sounds of your breath because your tunes cut out when your MP3 player was overwhelmed by the power of athletic sweat? 
If you answered yes to either of these questions then we have at least one thing in common.  That’s right, I too experienced the suffering caused by the conflict between electronics and water.  That was until I found H2OFriendly (thanks for the recommendation Jon!). 
H20Friendly is a small San Diego based company that will waterproof your IPOD (or other MP3 player), or will sell you a new, reasonably priced, IPOD that is already waterproofed (and waterproof headphones / Velcro to attach it to your goggles). 
They do not accomplish this amazing feat by sealing your device in a clunky water proof box.  No, they seal it internally with magic gaskets and other proprietary goodness.  This leaves your IPOD 100% waterproof while retaining its sleek stylish appearance.  Then they attach a sturdy warranty and send it back to you lickety-split.
How do I (David M. Wilson) use it? 
I've had my H20friendly IPOD shuffle for about 3 months.  I wear it during longer swims, but I do not press play until I get to the 800 -1200 meter pull sections of a workout.  During drill work I have too much stuff to concentrate on (body position, catch, high elbow, kick, not crossing over my stroke, oh ya and breathing).  Its real value is experienced during those long mid workout lulls, especially when you are swimming alone. 
I also use it on nearly every solo run and trip to the gym (I’ve been known to drench the elliptical).  Before I picked up this device my MP3 player was guaranteed to cut out after about 20 minutes  (then it would sit on a table for 2-3 days while it dried out before I could use it again).  I no longer have to endure this hardship.  Thank you H2OFriendly!
Discount for our team & friends
The guys at H2Ofriendly gave me a discount code to share with our team and friends.  Use the code WILSONCREW at checkout for $15 off your purchase!!
Lessons Learned:
1.       If your swim workouts include midsession pulls over 800 meters, and you like music, quit punishing yourself and motivate  your stroke
2.       If you sweat while working out and have ever had an MP3 player cut out, remember it’s not your fault there is a solution and it is just a click away

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