Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just Tri Training Camp

We hope to use this blog mainly for knowledge sharing.  How do I use a foam roller?  What do I drink on the bike?  How many cliff bars can one person physically eat within a 3 hour time period without projectile vomiting?  Topics similar to this....

But this post is purely documentary based.  Becca, David and myself spent the past weekend at Just Tri training camp.  Camp was a weekend planned by Coach McCoy to help with the physical and mental aspects of triathlon racing.

The three of us headed down to Camp Hope (part of Hocking Hills area) on Friday afternoon.  About 30 minutes into the trip, I realized I forgot my running shoes.  We made a short detour to Dick's Sporting Goods, bought me some new running shoes, and then were back on our way.

The weekend consisted of:
Friday:  Bike hill repeat work out
Saturday:  45 mile crazy hilly bike/4 mile run brick work out followed by an afternoon swim/transition practice
Sunday:  9-12 mile trail or road run

Overall, the weekend was pretty awesome.  Lots of cool people doing something that they are passionate about.  Also, somehow I managed to not have to cook or clean up a meal all weekend.  Bonus.

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  1. Better add those shoes to the spreadsheet! :)