Sunday, June 19, 2011

To Infinit or not to Infinit....

So, previous Ironpeople have hinted that the key to race day success is nutrition (and of course lots of training).  If you do everything right in the training department, but are off in terms of race day nutrition - you are screwed.  Many suggest practicing your nutrition on longer work outs to see what works for you.

For the past couple months, Becca and I have been using Infinit ( as our on-the-bike nutrition. 

The powder solution mixes to a drink of 280 calories per bottle.  On the bike, the goal is to consume one bottle per hour.  Infinit claims that this is the only nutrition you need on the bike (there is a run mix as well).  No gels, no cliff bars, no nothing.  Becca and I both tried this during a long brick this past weekend, but are not 100% sold and would love to hear what other people think.  Is 280 calories per hour enough/too much on the bike?  Can you really complete an Ironman with only liquid nutrition (this girl likes to eat!).  Infinit seemed to get the job done during our long brick - but if you have tried Infinit and had good (or not so good results) let us know what you think....

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