Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bike Bling

How much are you willing to pay for speed and/or comfort on the bike?  I recently upgraded from my beloved road bike to a Felt Tri Bike.  I think I have created an animal.  Everything I see - I want to buy.  Will it make me faster?  Buy it.  Will I look cute on the bike?  Charge it.  I. CAN'T. STOP.

Here is a list of the next upgrades I want to buy for my bike (and their intended benefit).  Next, I just need to prioritize and hide the credit card bills from my new husband.

1.  Power Meter - Probably $1000 or so.  While, the power meter itself won't make you faster - the data it produces probably will.  (Add 1 mph)

2.  Zipp Wheels - Only $2500.  (maybe make me faster by like .5 mph, but with no extra effort by me - where do I sign up?)

3.  New saddle - considering a couple brands here, but the two I like best are fizik ariona and terry - Would probably cost about $200 and while it won't make me any faster, it mat make me a lot, lot, lot happier (add an extra 1 mph due to my increased happiness and increased training because of the excitement)

So, all in all, I figure I can get roughly 2.5 mph faster by spending a quick $4000.  No biggie!  Then, I want a new helmet, to upgrade my bike shoes, to meet with a nutritionist, but a new wetsuit....what else....

And the quest to become an IronWoman continues....:)

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